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Don't call it dirt

I am 12 years old and my name is Maloi. I live in the Paradise Valley on my grandparent's ranch that has been here for over 118 years. I raise pigs for 4-H and I also study Veterinarian Science. My Family and I own Barney Creek Livestock in Livingston and do Regenerative Agriculture on our land with our cows. 

We work the land to make sure the soil is healthy, the grass is healthy, and that the cows are healthy by eating our grass, which makes for healthy people. Our cows are workers, we treat them with respect, kindness, and loyalty. I like ranching because we are making sure that everything is healthy not just for people but for the earth. The way we do things lets the soil be a place for carbon to go and this helps our planet. I think there are stories in what we are doing that we can share so kids can learn. 

Our food starts with the SOIL and kids need to KNOW THAT! So BUY 1 book or 1000! Help me get the word out!


​My coloring book teaches kids about regenerative agriculture. I created Barney McQuack to teach kids about living soil, moving animals every day, and how we move cows to a grazing cell. 

My book works AWESOME to talk about regenerative agriculture! I used it for the Farm2School program to talk to the elementary schools during Harvest of the Month. I even think other people could use it for their school ranch tours. Just sayin'! 

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