100% Grass Fed Beef

Holistically raised in Paradise Valley




We have deep roots


Barney Creek Livestock’s operation is based on the Jordan Ranch. The ranch has been in the family since 1900,

when Rueben and Mary Ellen Forney purchased

the ranch from the estate of Barney Maguire,

who homesteaded the place in 1867.

Three generations currently live on the ranch.

Larry and Cathy, the third generation, grew the ranch to what it is today. Pete and Meagan, the fourth generation, operate the ranch as they raise the fifth generation with a passion for Regenerative Agriculture.

We are a Paradise Valley ranching family.


Why eat Grass-Fed Beef?


"As a chef, working with the best quality ingredients is essential to preparing delicious food. Knowing that the beef from Barney Creek is raised sustainably by people who care about the land and resources in Paradise Valley is added value. Serving beef that tastes incredible, supports local agriculture and ultimately preserves the place where we live is just the right thing to do."

- Executive Chef Dave Wells

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