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"There is only one TIME that IS important--NOW. It is the most

important time because it is the only time we have any power."

Leo Tolstoy

Time is a commodity, we are either spending it or trying to create it. I have realized since practicing Regenerative Ag, that nature's clock ticks in a different zone.


We operate in NST (nature standard time), we give time to our soil, grass, livestock, and our customers. There is no such thing as 'speed grazing,' or 'quick finishing,' in our world. Our pace ticks with nature, and if we try to move the hands ahead, processes take longer than if we just would have been patient. If we push our system's limits, we lose time. I could tell some stories, seriously, my 'bestie' this summer has been Mr. Murphy's Law. So, so many lessons learned.


We take time to learn from others to improve our system and the last few weeks have been a Meet-n-Greet Fest! I have met fantastic people that are rallying for Regenerative Agriculture from every angle. Conversations have included folks from the right-to-the-left-to-the-in between ranchers, backyard practitioners, policy influencers, product innovators, influential Regen Ag supporters, farmers, conscious foodies, fantastically creative chefs, progressive mercantile operators, AND more! All of these folks are a part of this movement NOW. Focusing on the time it takes, the understanding of the product, the knowledge of the science behind it all, and the urgency of NOW for regenerative agriculture and food.


Wow, thank you to the brave and wise who live and breath soil health: Nicole Masters, Gabe Brown, Steve Kenyon, Kiss The Ground, Joel Salatin, Quivera, Savory, NRCS-Ted Nelson, Jim Gerrish, Ray Archuletta, Colin Seis, Dr. Christine Jones, Roger Indreland, Vern Smith, Hayes Goosey, LandCore, Farm2School, Extension, AND MORE.

NOW, the most important TIME:

The time for REGENERATING OUR SOIL is NOW; the time for GOOD NUTRITIOUS FOOD is NOW; and the time to teach each other about how this system IS our food DEFINITELY NOW! Take your time to learn and understand REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE, take your time to know your farmer, rancher, policy maker/innovator, chef, local mercantile.

Take your time...NOW

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