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Update: COVID-19 and Covering Costs

May 20, 2020 Greetings from Barney Creek, We hope you are well and staying healthy! We have been getting many inquiries about what we will have in stock for the Fall. We wanted to share our current inventory and our Fall harvest timeline. It has been difficult to get meat at the store due to processing issues related to COVID-19. We want to make sure our Barney Creek customers are thinking about the Fall harvest. Please let us know what you would like to order this year. Please note the $.20 increase on per pound prices, we have had increases from the processor, adding about $10 to your total is what you can expect.   If you are wondering how much to order, here is a quick way to determine how much you and your family will eat in a year. Consider how often you and your family eat beef during the week and the number of pounds eaten per week.             Family of 4 eats beef 3xs/week=  12 lbs (52) = 620 lbs +/- Casserole=2 lb beef, Tacos=2 lb beef, Spaghetti=1 lb beef, Beef Stroganoff=1 lb Stew meat, Ribeyes=1.5-2 lbs Prices: raised by $.20 ¼ = $                 (picture 4 boxes of beef, it will fit in a fridge freezer) ½ = $ Whole = $ Order Deposit: ¼ = $150 ½ = $250 Whole = $600 Payment Procedure: You will pay us twice, once for the deposit and the second time for the beef upon receipt. Here are several ways to make payments. Mail a check to: Barney Creek 24 McGuire Hill Road, Livingston, MT 59047 Venmo payment to: Barney-Creek Invoice payment via Barney Creek & Square:            We generate this invoice, then you pay with Credit Card Also, if you haven’t been able to tour the ranch, please give us a call. We want you to see and learn about where your meat comes from. I will even give you a tour via Facebook Messenger or iPhone Facetime. We are getting pretty techie out here! Thank you for purchasing Barney Creek beef!

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